A Friend or a Foe?

A Friend or a Foe?

A Friend or a Foe?ย 

A true friend would never abandon you. This is a phrase I’ve heard several times. I never had a best friend; instead, I only had a decent friend who always came to me when they needed something.

Let me begin by telling you about my story. So it’s 2021, and it’s been 5 years since I was in puberty, with friends, education, and all the other things that every teenage goes through. I was happy, but not overjoyed, with my lot in life.ย 

Best friends


My father’s job needed him to relocate from Goa to Mumbai. As a result, and I was very used to travelling. However, it has drawbacks, such as the need to make new friends, neighbors, and a variety of other items every time you start a new school. For me, Mumbai was new. Every student in my class already had a group of friends, so I was a lonely girl in the class. After a few days, I began to despise every day at that school.

Girls best friend

One day, a fair girl with long hair entered our class; she was a newcomer, and I was relieved to have made a new friend who sat with me. She was a fantastic young lady. She excelled in studies, music, and painting. In just a few weeks, she had won over the entire class. We gradually progressed from friends to best friends. She admired my language and mannerisms, and I admired her whole personality because she was so gifted. We used to squabble, roam, and research together, and we were the class’s top students.

Broken friendship

In the midst of it all, I received a text from a boy who was in our class on Facebook. Before him I never had a conversation to any of the boys in our class. My best friend too had never spoken to a boy. But I used to contact this particular boy because he had become a good friend of mine, as well as a secret one (As nobody knew about our friendship). This boy and I started chatting more often, and we talked about a lot of stuff on the phone. I was on cloud nine now because now I had two really close friends.
But it’s possible that God overheard the conversation that I didn’t hear, and everything was broken. An event occurred that shattered every part of me, and I never trusted friendship again after that.

Dating girls

So, to proceed, I told my best friend about this boy I met on Facebook. She didn’t say anything because she was fine with it. I found something odd one day, but I dismissed it; I saw my best friend and that boy talking about something, and when I entered the classroom, they had already returned to their seats. I dismissed it before one of my other friend came over and told me that what I was seeing was not the reality. I was perplexed, so I inquired as to what she meant. After a few days, she informed me that the girl I consider to be my best friend is dating a boy. You won’t believe that the gentleman was the same gentleman with whom I used to converse.

I didn’t believe it until I received a recording from one of my classmate of the boy confessing that she and my best friend (whom I only considered) are in genuine love relationship. When I asked my best friend about it, she denied it and said it was all nonsense and that I shouldn’t believe it. She said that people were doing this to ruin hers and my friendship , but she was unaware of the recording that I had obtained.

Sitting together, dating

After a few days, I saw them together again, but this time they didn’t return to their benches and continued to talk; instead, they sat together and a lot of stuff happened right in front of my eyes. She said he was just a friend of hers, and he said the same thing, so I foolishly believed them.

Best friends

I cried not because they were in a relationship , but because they had withheld this information from me for the previous eight months. They both lied to me about everything. I was with them back then because they were the only ones I had.

Thereafter, my father was transferred, and I was relieved to get out of there. I took TC without telling either of them and left the school because I couldn’t live with traitors.

When I didn’t show up for school for two days, they both texted me and asked why I wasn’t there. I told them that I would never return to them. The girl admitted to being in a relationship with that boy and didn’t tell me because she was afraid I would abandon her and end our friendship. The boy claimed he didn’t mention the relationship because the girl told him not to.ย 

girl breakup

So, in the end, I was the perpetrator, or rather, I was fortunate enough to escape such toxic people. Now that they are no more in love and hate each other, they want to talk to me. I replied to their text because I don’t want to hold any personal grudges, and my wounds have healed over the years. And that was a school story, we were just kids but I couldnโ€™t understand whether they were my friend my foe?

Based on a true story

True story


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