About Me

I am born to live this one and only life. This birth gave me a precious opportunity to live as a human being. I have always wanted to achieve something in my life.

I don’t want to be a person who only works for food and lives the life as it comes along.

Thanjai Penn. It means a girl from the village called Thanjai (Thanjai – place; Penn – girl). I am that girl. I am Thenjai Penn.

Thanjai Penn squad is a team of young beautiful girls. We do a lot of research on each topic that we choose and we are carefully presenting the best for everyone. Join in my community of curious minds and let us live our life with full happiness.

Let us bring a new positivity to the entire world. And we would love to have the support of all our viewing audience. With constant feedback and recommendations, we want to build a connection with our audience as we believe that their opinion matters the most. There will be much more insightful topics and to be covered in our blogs.. From food, fashion to travel and current affairs and trending topics! You are going to find a lot of new content. So do join us, and be a part of our journey in the long haul as us curious minds discover more new things to learn and write about! Thank you!

Hello everyone,
I am Megha Choudhary. My soul is dedicated to traveling, web series, having fun with my dearest ones and to work that feeds my soul.

Professionally tied note with thanjai Penn. Works as blog writer and creative partner at Thanjai Penn. They gave me an blissful opportunity to explore different work sectors. Thankful to be a part of such an dedicated and supportive team.


Hello, Its me Pragya. I am a wanderer, a reader, and an explorer. My thoughts are recorded down with a pen and then converted into a blog. I write about relationships, food, and facts, to name a few topics.
I feel amazing to be a part of Thanjai Penn.
I’m proud to work with such a dedicated team. I’d like to extend to you a warm welcome to Thanjai Penn. Keep reading keep exploring!


My name is Nishtha Gupta. Always a curious soul, who wants to learn more about various different fields, I got into writing too.  I am fond of reading a lot, like a literal geek  into singing as well from childhood, I have a lot of interests everywhere. Arts and fashion have been my interests always, along with latest technology at the time. I am 18 years old & a student doing BCA at the moment and learning life along the way.


Greetings, My name is Sonali Bharti. I’m a student content writer at Thanjai Penn. I’m really glad that I got an opportunity to work with “Thanjai Penn” as Its a pretty fun and exciting experience for me. I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I take pleasure in immersing myself in learning about new and exciting areas. Writing and sharing my thoughts with readers and experiencing different stories is what excites me the most.
Team Thanjai Penn initiates and appreciate girl power. Expressings my thought on a platform like “Thanjai Penn” is a golden opportunity for me to learn and work with a squad like this.

Hello everyone, I am Vaishnavi, a graduation student. I always wanted to work out of the box and my search ended with Thanjai Penn where I got opportunities to explore different work fields. I thoroughly enjoy my work whether it is blog writing , voiceover, poster making.
They gave me chance to try something new without fearing about the failures and improve my basic skills, which even I don’t know exist before.
It’s an amazing experience to work with full freedom at Thanjhai Penn.


Hello friends, my name is Himanshi Verma, currently pursuing B.com (Hons) & working as a content writer at Thanjai Penn. I am an introvert type personality having a lots of words in heart & an ocean of thoughts. I will continue to put out the best content on Thanjai Penn & will make sure our website shines even more & reaches greater heights in future.



Hello everyone, My name is Nikhil Maurya. I am pursuing BCA from IMS college Ghaziabad. I have keen interest in programming and coding and always believe in learning new skills. I want to explore further and I’m always ready to meet new people and try to work on different platforms as they help me to be more innovative.

I learnt one thing with Thanjai penn “ if you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way”. Team is very Supportive and motivating too. I am grateful to be part of the Thanjai penn team.

Greetings of the day, I’m Nandini Srivastava, always dedicated to work and also an exploring soul… Having a life in senses I believe in exploring everything with every perspective that l can… I am glad to be a part of Thanjai Penn. Looking forward to more opportunities. I’m 19 and pursuing BCA from IMS College Ghaziabad and I’m Graphic Designer and video editor too…

Apart from this I like to click pictures as my passion is photography.


Good day, Everyone!!! My name is Anshika singh, a graduation student. I enjoy traveling and spending time with my loved ones. I want to be someone who can accomplish everything on their own, self sufficient kind of person. With Thanjai pen I got an opportunity to be a part of  such a supportive team. My words can’t express my thankfulness.

Working with absolute freedom is a joyful experience and that is what I felt , is the best thing about Thanjai Penn


Myself pallavi , a philomath by choice and an engineer by chance .I would love to indulge myself in reading books, playing guitar, love to Sketch, rarely paint, practice mindfulness, listen podcasts and couple of other things that would help me to make a better version of myself.

Excited to be a part of “Thanjai Penn” and looking forward to a lot of learning.



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