Bad habits that damage your hair

Bad habits that damage your hair

bad habits that damage your hair



Hair is a very important factor in this situation. Your hair contributes to how you look and feel. Having beautiful hair takes a lot of effort. You may always treat your hair with the respect they need. As a result, you may have bad hair habits that are causing damage to your hair. It’s not always a conscious decision to hurt your hair. So, it’s necessary to figure out what you are doing with your hair. Below, you will find a list of all the ways you could be hurting your hair, as well as some helpful hair tips.

 1. Using too many Chemicals

We all use chemical products in our day to day life but applying too many chemicals to your hair can cause significant hair loss, damage your hair, and irritate your scalp. Numerous chemicals might harm your hair. Always read the ingredients before buying any product or if you want to avoid harmful chemicals then try to buy only those products which contain no chemicals.

 2. Hot Water Shower

Hot Water Shower


Most people like hot showers. I also enjoy a hot shower on my hair, but it has detrimental consequences, as I discovered. Hot water cleans your hair. Also, it will damage your hair in some way. Not only does your hair appear dry and fizzy, but it will also make your hair broken and susceptible to rupture. Always try to avoid a hot shower and try to use cold water.

 3. Not Protecting Hair from Sun

Hot Water Shower


Sun protection is a must for your hair. Before I realized that sun rays could potentially hurt your hair, I used to love to open up my hair when going outside. UVA and UVB rays can damage the outside cover of your hair. Discoloration, dry and brittle strands, broken or split ends, and thinning are few signs of sun damage. When heading outside, you can cover your hair to protect yourself from the sun. Or.. you can also apply a hair mask for better protection. But keep in mind that sun protection is an important step.

 4. Washing Hair Too Often

Are you over-washing your hair? A shampoo is used to clean the scalp and get rid of excess oil but it may also damage your hair if you use it too much over the length of your hair. Instead of washing your hair frequently, try to do it once a week. It will give them some time to recover from chemical infused harmful products!

 5. Overheating Your Hair

Overheating Your Hair


Most girls, like me, seem to prefer straight hair. We also have hair straightening equipment. But straight hair might appear dry and brittle due to heat damage. It can also make split ends appear more prominent and make it more difficult for your hair to lay flat. To avoid that, apply a surface protectant to your hair before using hot stylish equipment to keep it safe and secure. Also, when using a blow dryer, keep your hair 5 inches or more away from your hair surface.

 6. Tying it up too much

Tying it up too much


Wearing your hair in a tight bun all day can put undue stress on your roots. Your hair may break and will be damaged as a result of this. Keep the beginning of the braid loose so that it doesn’t break away from its roots, causing splitting hair. Making them weaker and also, follicle damage.

 7. Never getting a Trim

Never getting a Trim


I loved my hair, and after not cutting it for two years, I realized that not cutting the hair risks the length rather than letting it grow. When the split ends go up to your hair, they’ll eventually break it off at a higher level. So, I would rather advise you to keep your hair trimmed at least every three to four months.

8. Brush Wet Hair

Brush Wet Hair


I’d advise “absolutely not,” because when your hair is damp, it becomes weaker, more delicate, and more prone to breakage. Instead of harsh blow drying, try drying your hair with a towel, and gently massage the water out. And when the hair is dry, comb them. Try to use your fingers to comb the hair as much as possible because it will break them less. It will be beneficial in the future.

 9. Unhealthy Eating Habits

Unhealthy Eating Habits


 Hair is mainly influenced by your eating habits. Hair loss can occur when you don’t get the nourishment, vitamins, and other minerals from your diet. In an attempt to lose weight, some people tend to skip breakfast. Never skip your breakfast! It can really impact your hair growth. Always try to eat green vegetables to get some really good nutrition for your hair. Because what you eat is what matters a lot!

 10. Not Oiling The Scalp

Not Oiling The Scalp


Hair growth will improve by massaging some oil on a daily basis on the scalp to strengthen the roots. Many individuals nowadays dislike oiling, so if you are one of them, apply the oil 20-30 minutes before you plan to wash your hair, massage it thoroughly, and then rinse with a shampoo. It might not be as good as applying it overnight or for a day.. But it will definitely nourish your hair!



These little things matter in your hair care a lot and I got to know them a lot later in life through various different sources. But I can happily say that I can see a significant change in my hair after learning about these poor practices and the ways of correcting them. I hope this information will assist you in making your hair healthier just like it did with mine! 

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