Sweet & Simple Secrets for Making Your Man/Girl Feel Loved & Special

Sweet & Simple Secrets for Making Your Man/Girl Feel Loved & Special

Sweet & Simple Secrets for Making Your Man/Girl Feel Loved & Special

In a relationship, we want to make our partner’s life a little less stressful, heck the entire point of a relationship is about supporting your partner and making him forget unnecessary tensions of his daily life, to provide him/her a place where he/she can be themselves and relax. That place being said is you and for that we need to make them feel special, make them feel like they belong in that place which is your relationship.

Now, with men and women this can be different like men want something else and women need something entirely different, but there are some things that can apply to both sides and those things are listed below.

  1.       Surprise dates

  2.       Feed them

  3.       Spend time with them

  4.       Recall childhood memories

  5.       Doing what they like

  6.       Celebrate

  7.       Let them speak

  8.       Support them

Surprise dates

Surprise dates

Why surprise dates are on the top of the list, because everyone likes surprises and if your partner gives a date as a surprise then it improves the special element ten fold.  Surprise dates show that you take in account other people’s feelings, that you want to make their time special with you and you admire them working so hard through life, this much can be achieved with just a small surprise date.

And with date we don’t mean a date in a high-end restaurant with classical music, it can be a simple movie after work or visiting them for lunch, anything with them involved. Just try it and see a surprise date once in a while really hits the spot in your heart.

Feed them

Feed them


Doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, food brings happiness on everyone’s face, and you can be really touchy while being hungry. Feeding your partner is a key trick to make them feel special. This is a gesture that always works, and it can be anything, it can be a home cooked meal or it can be a takeout snack feeding your partner.

Spend time with them

Spend time with them


It’s simple yet effective. Spending time with your partner is something that people take for granted. Most of the time our partner needs to forget everything that’s happening and just wants to relax and what is a better way to relax than spending some quality time with your boy/girl .

Try giving each other time and see the magic.

Recall childhood memories

childhood memories


This is crazy but this works better than you think, recalling each other’s childhood memories together opens up your partners walls and gives you a chance to be with them even when you were not present there at that time. Knowing each other’s fun and bad memories is like knowing each other through their entire life. it also makes an impression that you want to know them on a human level and as we know, who doesn’t like that.

Doing what they like



Doing what your partner likes together shows them that you care about their likes and dislikes, and also trying to physically involve yourself in that activity makes the other one think that you care about them and by doing it physically you connect with them more intimately.

Even if it sounds more complicated it is not. It is as simple as watching their favorite movie with them or doing an activity that they want you to try with them.




Celebrating small things is a way to make your partner feel special, and by celebrating I don’t mean that you should host a party with a big cake, No.  Celebrating can be done by simply having a scoop of ice-cream with each other when he gets a parse from the boss or having a pizza when she gets a new dress she’d been saving for. It takes very little to be happy if you have the right company.

Let them speak



Sometimes in life we just want someone to listen to us, about our troubles, about our past or life itself. but it is very hard to find someone who genuinely listens and to just sit there, While you blabber about your mop story.

This is something you should do with him/her. Let them speak about their insecurity and you just listen and also try to understand through what pain they are going through.




This is the most important and also the easiest, but still the most underrated. We all need support in our life, especially from the person we trust the most, supporting each other is not a rocket science. Only a few words like “ I support you on this “ is enough for them.

  • So this is the list we can do to make our special ones feel special. 

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  1. If you’ve ever met someone who makes your life simpler and makes you laugh a lot, keep them.
    Every time a girl don’t want to feel special. Stay together, support each other and try to understand her that’s all what we want.

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